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Reel Mower System Provides A "Golf Course" Cut
"Your lawn will look like a carpet when you're done mowing with our reel-type mowers because they cut so much more evenly than any deck mower," says Merle Short about his company's new three-reel mower that's designed to be pulled behind a lawn tractor or ATV.
  Total cutting width is 5 ft. Each reel pins onto the frame and is able to flex up or down individually according to ground contour. The hitch is designed to put down pressure on the drive wheel for each reel, which eliminates the need for extra weight and therefore reduces horsepower requirements.
  "It saves fuel and is the ideal solution if the deck on your riding mower wears out because you can pull it with any lawn tractor or ATV that has at least 5 hp," says Short. "Some Amish people even use a pony to pull it. Another advantage is that it runs quiet, with no engine. The reels produce a nice, clean, golf course-type cut. They pinch the end of the grass, which results in less moisture loss and therefore a greener lawn."
  Sells for $1,195 including S&H. The company also makes an 11-ft. 4 in. model that uses seven reels hitched together. It sells for $3,565.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pro Mow, 8318 Clinton Park Drive, Fort Wayne, Ind. 46825 (ph 877 477-6669 or 260 482-6699; fax 260 482-6688; Website: www.promow.com).

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