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Cab Mounted On 1977 Wheelhorse Garden Tractor
I converted my 1977 Wheelhorse C161 garden tractor into an all-weather rig by mounting a homemade cab on it as well as a hydraulically-operated, 5-ft. snow blade on front. The cab has two big 1/4-in. thick plywood doors and big windows on all sides so the driver has a great view. The windows are acrylic plastic panels which are much safer than glass and won't shatter. The windows are screwed into wooden frames from the outside so they can be easily removed if they ever crack or break. The cab doesn't have a heater, but the windows are big enough that sunlight helps heat up the cab during winter.
  I used 1 by 1-in. sq., 1/8-in. thick steel tubing to make the cab's frame. With plywood doors and plastic windows, the cab is lightweight. In fact, by removing six bolts one person can lift the cab straight up and off in almost no time at all. I remove the cab every summer and use the tractor with a belly-mounted deck to mow my large lawn. I used 1/8-in. thick, 3/4-in. angle iron to make the door frames. I painted the cab red to match the tractor color.
  The blade works much like a pickup-mounted snowplow and quick taches to brackets that were already on the tractor. The blade is raised or lowered by a single 10-in. hydraulic cylinder and angled left or right by a pair of 12-in. cylinders. (John Laager, N-12695 Gorman Ave., Thorp, Wis. 54771 ph 715 669-5144)

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2002 - Volume #26, Issue #3