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Grain Cart Built From Cement Truck
Henry Carl Steinacher, Kane, Ill., turned the hopper off an old cement bulk trailer into a 350-bu., pto-operated grain cart.
  "It works great and didn't cost much at all," says Steinacher.
  He paid $70 for the hopper, which he bought at a junkyard. The hopper was originally 32 ft. long and equipped with an auger, but the junkyard had cut it in two and thrown the auger away. Steinacher used sheet metal to close up one end and installed an 8-in. dia. auger at the bottom. He mounted it on the rear axle off an old semi trailer. He cut the top part of the hopper open and folded the sides up. He used part of an old manure spreader to make a wishbone tongue and mounted the 4-speed transmission off a 1 1/2-ton truck onto it to pto-drive the auger.
  He also installed a screw jack equipped with a foot pad on the tongue.
  "Over the years my dad and I used it in the field, filling it from the combines and unloading the shelled corn into bins. When we fed hogs we also used it to unload corn into a hammermill," says Steinacher. "The nice thing is that the operator can keep the tractor engine at idle and control auger speed by changing gears on the transmission. I welded an 18-in. long spout on back of the cart directly behind the auger. That way when I shut the auger off, the grain flow stops immediately."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Henry Carl Steinacher, Rt. 1, Box 173, Kane, Ill. 62054 (ph 217 942-3830).

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