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How To Train A Cat
Cats are the most under-appreciated animals
on earth, says Catherine Crawmer, West Sand
Lake, New York, who has been training every
kind of cat - from house cats to lions - for 25
A professional animal trainer, Crawmer is
also publisher of American Animal Trainer
Magazine. She produces videos, conducts
animal training seminars, and now she's
written a book.
Crawmer says the old adage that cats are
"too independent" to train is so ingrained in
the minds of people that they just don't try to
train them, or, if they do, they're set up for
failure. Most people expect their cats to do
just two things:
1. Use a litter box, and
2. Come when they're called
"Cats can be trained to do anything a dog
can do," Crawmer says. "However, cats have
their own motivations, so the methods that
work with dogs generally don't work for cats.
The reward, or reinforcement, can be
anything the cat enjoys and doesn't
necessarily have to be food." She says use
of a "bridge" - a noise or action that tells the
cat the reward is coming soon - is imperative
to getting cats to perform.
Crawmer's book contains everything she's
learned about training cats and detailed
instructions to help you communicate with
and train your own feline. Using these
methods, she teaches cats to sit, lie down,
stand up, walk on a leash, jump over
obstacles, go through a tunnel, pop over a 6-
ft. high scaling wall, and much more. "The
training possibilities available for cats are
limited only by the owner's imagination," she
"If you are inclined to spend time working
with your cat, it can learn even complex
routines. It's fun to train a cat," she says.
Crawmer's book, "Here Kitty, Kitty!", sells
for $29.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,
Catherine J. Crawmer, Box 370, West Sand
Lake, N.Y. 12196 (ph 518 479-3018; fax:
810 314-0961; E-mail: crawmer1@aol.com;
Website: www.cattrainingbook.com or
www.animaltrainermagazine.com ).

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