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Tire-Mounted Bale Feeder Is Virtually Indestructible
You can convert an old round bale feeder into a virtually indestructible tire feeder by cutting off the bottom part of the feeder and bolting it to a modified earth mover tire, says an Iowa company that recently began marketing the idea.
  "It's freeze and rust resistant, and hay spoilage is greatly reduced because the bale sets on the bottom edge of the tire, off the ground," says Kent Jackson, USA Tire Management Systems, Inc., Sioux City, Iowa.
  The company uses earth mover tires that measure 10 to 12 ft. in diameter. They cut the sidewall off the top side and drill holes in the bottom sidewall to provide drainage. The customer cuts off the bottom third of his feeder, leaving the middle ring on, then bolts the feeder down to the tire.
  "It lets you take advantage of the feeder that you already have and convert it into one that will last a long time," says Jackson. "A lot of farmers have feeders that aren't worth much because they're rusted out at the bottom or broken because they froze to the ground or got mired in manure. Another advantage is that there's less wasted feed."
  A front-end loader can be used to clean out the feeder, says Jackson. "You unbolt the ring and use the loader to set it off to one side, then use the loader to tip the tire over upside down."  
  The tire alone sells for $300. The company also offers units complete with tire and feeder for $500. The company also offers tire water tanks that sell for $125 to $750 depending on size.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, USA Tire Management Systems, Inc., 4444 South York St., Sioux City, Iowa 51106 (ph 800 755-8473; fax 712 255-9239; E-mail: tirecut@pionet.net)

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