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Mirror "Sees" Into Grain Tank
Samuel Wurz, Vulcan, Alberta, came up with a low-cost solution to a problem many farmers have had with Deere 9700 series combines.
  "Our Deere 9750 combine is equipped with a big 300-bu. grain tank. Unfortunately, the operator can never be sure when the tank is full," says Wurz. "There's a window toward the bottom of the tank, but it gets covered after only about 60 bu. A flashing light goes off inside the cab when the tank approaches full, but you still don't know how much grain can be added before it's full. So we mounted a convex mirror about 2 ft. above the factory mirror on the right side of the combine. The mirror lets the operator see down into the tank so he can stop before grain spills over."
  The mirror provides a view of the entire tank. It measures 1 ft. wide and 8 in. high and is mounted at the top of a length of steel tubing that bolts to the factory mirror. Wurz used a glass cutter to cut the mirror and then glued it onto a plexiglass board, adding silicone around the edges to keep out moisture. The plexiglass board is screwed to the steel tubing.
  A bar that's connected to the tubing runs horizontally across the top of the cab to brace it.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Samuel Wurz, Box 1060, Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0.

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