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Simple Way To Add Moisture To Silage
To add moisture to silage or grain blown into an upright silo, Arvid Fischer, Hewitt, Minnesota, came up with an idea that won't plug the blower or pipe.
  Fischer cut a length of 1-in. sq. tubing about 3 in. longer than the width of the gooseneck where the silage exits the blower pipe into the silo. In one end, he welded a fitting so he could screw on a hose. The other end is welded shut. Then he drilled 1/8-in. holes in the tubing every half inch.
  "I mounted the tube so water sprays onto the silage as it comes up from the blower, but far enough out so that if I forget to turn it off, water doesn't run back down the pipe after I shut off the blower."
  A regular garden hose feeds water to the tube. To make it convenient to turn the water on and off, he put a post next to his silage blower and mounted a valve on it. His water system is pressurized at 50 psi and that's enough to push water to the top of his 30-ft. silo.
  Fischer says he'll make a similar device for anyone who would like one. Cost, including materials and labor, would be about $15, with the buyer paying the shipping.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arvid Fischer, RR 1, Box 84, Hewitt, Minn. 56453 (ph 218 924-2318).

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