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Phone-Activated Power Switches
You can turn motors and other electric-powered machinery on and off from anywhere with these phone-activated power switches invented by Gerald Pemberton.
  You simply plug them into a socket and then plug the electric device you want to power into the back of the unit. To turn the power on or off, you simply use a pager network to send a coded signal.
  A small circuit board and signal receiver are encased inside the device, which will work from any phone. Each "Smitch", as Pemberton calls them, has it's own pager number and pin number, followed by a "1" or a "0" for on or off.
  You can use the Smitch to control irrigation systems, electric fencers, and other farm equipment, or to turn on lights, appliances or security systems in a home. It can be used anywhere there is a pager network. Pemberton points out that pager fees are generally much lower than cell phone fees.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gerald Pemberton, P.O. Box 72, Timaru, New Zealand (ph 64 0800 764-824; Email: stephen@smitch.co.nz).

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