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Versatile Swather Converted Into Mower
I wanted something to mow the roadside ditches near my farm so I converted a 20-ft. pull-type Versatile swather into a 10-ft. mower. I cut 10 ft. off the sicklebar and reel, removed the outside canvas section, and moved the divider in. I also shortened the shaft that drives the canvas. The swather lays the cut grass at the bottom of the ditch instead of on top of the road, where it would be in the way of road graders. It really works good.
  Another idea I had was to make a rock box that bolts onto the side of my Deere 4640 2-WD row crop tractor. The box measures 28 by 24 in. The bottom is made from cylinder bars off an old combine while the sides are made from angle iron. Everything is welded together. It really comes in handy for picking up small rocks as I cultivate edible beans and soybeans. I dump the rocks at the end of the field or in a shelter belt. I also made a similar box that bolts to the frame of my Deere 8430 4-WD tractor.
  Whenever I hauled my Deere pull-type swather down the road on my transport trailer, the swather's rear castor wheels - which ride on the road - would whip back and forth and force me to slow down. I solved the problem by using a length of sq. tubing to lock the rear wheels together so that they travel straight. Now I can go up to 35 mph on the road compared to 15 mph in the past. The locked-up wheels also keep the wheels from swiveling as I back the swather down the ramps. When I'm ready to go to the field I simply unbolt the sq. tubing. (Loren Halvorson, Box 40, Galesburg, N. Dak. 58035 ph 701 488-2790)

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