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Slurry Incorporator
Spinning incorporator "wheels" fitted with pointed spokes bury slurry as it comes out of the tank, trapping nutrients and minimizing the smell.
Export manager Karl-Heinz Ritzi of Samson GMBH, manufacturer of the new slurry incorporator, says European farmers face increasing pressure from urban areas to keep smells to a minimum on the farm. "If they don't, laws will be passed to force them to change the way they farm," he told FARM SHOW.
Samson's incorporator wheels mount on a toolbar at the back of the slurry tank. Mounting arms hold them an angle to the ground so that they power themselves as they throw dirt over the slurry which is sprayed onto the field with several nozzles. Air pressure is used to power slurry out to the fan nozzles positioned behind the incorporator wheels. Slurry is buried by 1 to 2 in. of dirt, trapping both odors and nutrients
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Samson GMBH, Postfach 1222, D-3054, Rodenberg, West Germany (ph 49 5723/ 5018).

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