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McLeod Harvest System Now Ready For Market
That revolutionary grain harvesting system FARM SHOW first reported on five years ago (Vol. 20, No. 6) is now on the market.
  To get sales going, inventor and manufacturer Bob McLeod is offering an introductory selling price of $185,000 (Canadian) with a buy-back guarantee that significantly reduces the financial risk to buyers. The buy-back period lasts for two years.
  "It's the first serious alternative for harvesting grain since the combine was invented in 1836," says McLeod. "This invention will help to improve farm incomes. We have a mailing list of hundreds of farmers all over the world who have expressed interest in the idea."
  The two-machine harvesting system is designed to totally replace conventional combines. The system promises to reduce equipment cost by 40 percent, cut grain loss by 2 percent, produce cleaner grain, remove chaff and nearly all weed seeds from the field, and mill docked material into livestock feed.
  McLeod's idea is to use two machines instead of a single combine. The "harvester" mounts on an existing tractor. It removes grain, chaff, and weed seeds from the field, leaving the straw behind. In effect it harvests "dirty" without doing any separating or cleaning. It's equipped with a 20-ft. header and features a large 1,200 cu. ft. grain box compared to the 250 to 300 cu. ft. hoppers on most existing combines. It's designed to collect grain from 9 to 12 acres of grain before unloading.
  The second machine is a stationary processing unit that can be located back at the grain storage area. It separates grain from the crop material gathered in the field and cleans it to export standards using new air cleaning technology. It uses a roller mill to crush and compress the collected chaff and weed seeds for use as livestock feed, litter, or for disposal. The processing unit is powered by a new-style 30 hp single-phase electric motor.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, McLeod Harvest Inc., 200-720 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3G 0X1 (ph 204 772-8650; fax 204 772-8827; E-mail: mharvest@videon.wa ve.ca; Website: www.mcleodharvest.com).

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