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"Hardly Davidson" Electric Scooter
"I wanted an electric scooter but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I came up with something I call a Hardly Davidson," says Paul Besler, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  A small bike fork mounts on front of the plywood and aluminum frame. A pair of 12-in. high rubber drive wheels, spaced about 4 in. apart, mount on back. A 12-volt battery mounts on the platform and powers two in-line, super magnet motors mounted inside a padded wooden box that serves as the seat. The two motors are used to belt-drive a 9-in. pulley, which in turn drives the scooter's right rear wheel. The other rear wheel is non-driven.
  An on-off foot pedal relay that's wired to the battery is used to put the scooter in motion. A 25 amp double pole, double throw switch mounted on the front side of the box puts the scooter in forward or reverse.
  "My grand nephews rode it for the first time last winter. They got a big kick out of it," says Besler. "Everyone who sees it wants to know if I would build one for their grand kids. Since the photos were taken I've added reflectors on back, as well as a rear view mirror and an electric horn. It weighs only about 40 lbs. so I can easily lift it into a car trunk.
  "The scooter has enough power to handle kids up to 60 lbs. and up to 9 mph depending on battery voltage. The pulley that drives the rear wheel is connected to expansion springs, which results in a smooth, fast start as the driver steps on the foot pedal. The motors require very little current. A plug-in, 1-amp charging system is used to recharge the battery. Whenever the battery voltage goes below 9 volts, the foot pedal relay cuts out which tells the driver that it's time to recharge the battery."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Besler, 207-815 St. Anne's Rd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2N 3X6 (ph 204 257-2050).

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