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He Uses "Outside" Wood Stove Inside His Shop
Aqua-Therm woodburning stoves are designed to go outside but Keith Switzer decided to put one inside his 60 by 45-ft. shop and use the heat that radiates from the stove to heat the building. He ordered the stove without an insulation jacket around it. Otherwise, the stove operates normally, pumping hot water to the house through an underground pipe.
  "The Aqua-Therm stove has no trouble heating this big shop. As long as the outside temperature is above zero the temperature inside the shop will be at least 58 degrees. If the outside temperature goes below zero the inside temperature will still stay in the 40's," says Switzer.
  One problem Switzer had was getting a rain-proof seal where the chimney I used goes through the metal roof. "The problem was that the 12-in. dia. steel chimney expands and contracts every time the stove cycles on and off. That made it very difficult to get a rain proof seal at the roof level. I couldn't find a heat-resistant product on the market to do the job, so I made my own metal catch pan and mounted it at ceiling level. I let the water leak from the roof level down to the ceiling level where the pan catches it.
  "We drilled a hole into the lowest spot in the catch pan and welded an elbow pipe fitting into it to make a drain. A length of rubber hose is attached to the elbow and exits out the wall."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Keith Switzer, 6802 Hwy. 210, Wright, Minn. 55798 (ph 218 357-2073; E-mail: kswitzer@meadows.net).

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