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Hitch Tows ATV Behind Field Equipment
Dennis Anderson, Zearing, Iowa, made a hitch to tow his 4-wheel ATV behind his planter, field cultivator, combine, and other equipment.
  The 5 1/2-ft. long hitch is made from 1-in. pipe. One end of the pipe attaches to a metal bracket that bolts to the front part of the ATV frame. A 5/8-in. dia. hitch pin goes through the pipe as well as the bracket and is secured by a cotter pin. The other end of the pipe is pinned to a clevis that's attached to the implement.
  "It's a simple idea but it really comes in handy," says Anderson. "I farm alone with about 700 acres scattered out, so I use it all the time to get home. I've even pulled it behind my pickup at speeds up to 55 mph. When I get to the field I drop off the equipment and ride the ATV back home to get whatever else I need. The hitch comes off in just a few seconds. If I want, I can unpin the pipe and use a clevis to store it on the ATV rack.
  "I had to make the hitch long so that if I'm pulling the ATV behind my combine and go through a dip in the road, the chopper on back of the combine won't come down on top of the ATV."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis Anderson, 12229 U.S. Hwy. 65, Zearing, Iowa 50278 (ph 641 487-7576).

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