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"Big Mouth" Shovel Cleans Manure Up Fast, Easy
Horse owners are welcoming a new invention by Joseph Berto, Shady Cove, Oregon, that saves time and effort while cleaning stalls.
  The patent pending "Big Mouth Shovel" has a wide front edge and a "stepped" design that picks up a whole pile of road apples (horse manure) in one sweep, and then keeps them from rolling back out.
  Berto says the feedback he has received from customers has been remarkable. People have told him it's "indispensable," or "I couldn't live without it," or "I love my shovel." One person said, "I wait until others are done with it just so I can use it." Large stables are buying multiple shovels because there are fights in the barn over who gets to use it, Berto says.
  "With ordinary shovels, we found that it usually takes three or more tries to completely pick up a pile of horse manure because the piles are usually a bit wider than the shovel, and the road apples, being round, tend to roll back out, requiring another sweep. If a man can be sent to the moon, we figured somebody should be able to develop a more efficient method. That's why I created this new shovel."
  Although the shovel profile is huge (it has been referred to as a "whale of a shovel"), it weighs only a few ounces more than a regular shovel, yet carries nearly twice as much manure as a regular grain scoop. It is constructed partly from ABS plastic.
  Berto and his family have 12 to 16 Andalusian horses on their own ranch, and have found that the new shovel saves them between 15 and 45 minutes per day.
  "This equates to fewer steps and cleaner pastures, too!" he says.
  The "Whale Shovel" costs $39.95 but those customers who visit Berto's Website can earn a special discount. Shipping and handling runs about $10.00 in the U.S. and slightly higher to Canada.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joseph Berto, Equi-Tee Farm and Fence, 6539 Rogue River Drive, Shady Cove, Ore. 97539 (ph 541 878-4112; 800 221-9113, E-mail: information@manureshovel.com; Website: www.manureshovel.com).

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