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Sawdust Stove Heats With No Moving Parts
If you're looking for a cheaper source of heat, take a look at Paul Schlabach's gravity-feed sawdust burner.
The stove feeds sawdust from a hopper onto a grate in the firebox using no moving parts. Air flow through the grate, which determines the speed at which sawdust burns, is controlled by a highly reliable, non-electronic thermostat. What's more, the stove has a built-in heat exchanger that also has no moving parts.
It's made of several tubes running through the heat chamber at an angle, with the back end higher than the front. "As air in the tubes warms, it rises out the higher end creating a vacuum at the lower end to pull cool air in," Schlabach explains. "There's enough of a draw through the tubes that warm air circulates easily throughout the room with no fan."
To operate the stove, Schlabach says you merely dump sawdust into the hopper, set the thermostat, and then light the sawdust on the grate. Heat from the burning sawdust rises, pulling combustion air up through the grate.

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