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"Can't Fail" Product Stops Battery Corrosion
After listening to his father complain for years about always having to clean corrosion off battery cables on his tractors, Avre Papst, who was teaching school in Omaha, Nebraska, mixed some common household products into a paste and applied it to the cable ends and battery posts.
Six years later, there was still no corrosion on the cables or the battery posts. At that point, Papst figured there just might be a market for his concoction, so he began investigating a way to produce and package the stuff.
To see if it really would sell, he got it into the hands of friends, neighbors and relatives. When it performed just as well for them as it did on his father's old John Deeres, he went into business.
He loaded up a van with Goo-It and headed out on the road. Living out of the van, he drove thousands of miles calling on retailers who sold automotive parts and on farm equipment service shops.
That was about two decades ago. Since that time, he's sold enough product to treat the battery posts and cables on 1.5 million cars, trucks, tractors, combines, etc.
While he won't say what's in it, Papst does acknowledge that it's non-toxic and the ingredients can be commonly found in most homes. "It's a sealant, neutralizer and an emulsifier. It also enhances electrical conductivity," he says. "It won't burn, has no odor and is totally non-corrosive. And it doesn't contain any petroleum products. Petroleum is an insulator and once it gets between the posts and the cable ends, it drops voltage, which can damage some electrical components."
"I knew from the beginning that you could increase battery life if you could keep current flowing and cables and posts from corroding," he says. In some cases, customers say they can double lead acid battery life.
He calculates that for every $1 spent on his product, users save as much as $50 in increased battery life, labor, materials, and decreased downtime.
"You need to use this only once during the life of a battery. I sell most of the product in 2-oz. tubes, which contain enough product to last the lifetime of a battery," he says. "He also sells Goo-It in 1-lb. tubs for use with commercial fleets, and in automotive and farm shops.
"I give a money-back guarantee with the product and my name, address and phone number is on every package. In all the years it's been on the market, I've never had one complaint about it not working. The only way this product will fail is if you fail to use it," says Papst.
In addition to protecting lead acid batteries and cable ends, it will also keep moisture and dirt out of other electrical connections. It is exceptional for protecting electrical connections for monitors and controls on planters, fertilizer and herbicide application equipment, even where highly corrosive fertilizers are used. He says a study on using it to protect dry cell batteries and their connections looks promising.
Suggested retail price for a 2 oz. "toolbox-sized" tube of Goo-It is $9.95. His commercial sized 1-lb. package lists for $39.95. If you order from him direct, shipping is included.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Avre Papst, Fullerton, Neb. 68638 (ph 308 536-2618; fax 308 536-2571).

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