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"Power Box" Said To Boost Deere Engine Horsepower
If you have late model Deere equipment, you may have heard rumors about "magic electronic boxes" that boost horsepower from diesel engines. Reportedly, some of these have turned out to be duds but, farmers who've used a new "Power Box" from Canada say this one really works.
The electronic device was developed by farmer Dave VanSegbrook, engineer Brian Fox and Fox's son Jason, an electronics technician. All three men farm and continue to be involved in producing the Power Box.
VanSegbrook says the Power Box works only on Deere 7.6 L and 8.1 L electronically controlled diesel engines, found on 8000, 8010 and 9100 tractors, 9000, 9010 and 9050 Series combines with Bosch fuel injection systems. The engines are also found in cotton pickers and other self-propelled machinery.
The Power Box plugs into the existing wiring harness at the fuel pump and modifies the electronic control unit (ECU) signal, allowing the engine to put out more horsepower. The effect is similar to turning up the pump on older model engines.
"Our Power Box has been used on three continents now, and has proven itself in some pretty harsh conditions, from winter in Canada and Northern Europe to the hot, dry Australian Outback and the American Southwest," he says.
"We get a consistent 20 percent boost in horsepower at maximum RPM and 23 to 25 percent boost on the power bulge. Our customers tell us they use no more fuel per acre."
The Power Box can be installed quickly and easily. "All you do is plug it into the existing wiring and attach it to an existing fastener," VanSegbrook says. "You'll need only one wrench to loosen and retighten the bolt in that fastener. Most people can install it in less than 15 minutes."
Complete instructions are provided with the Power Box. The box itself contains all solid-state circuitry and is made out of "military-spec components," VanSegbrook continues. "We sell it with a 2 year warranty."
Current price for a Power Box is $800 U.S., which includes next day delivery. "We give discounts for multiple purchases," he says. Power Boxes are sold direct and through some farm machinery dealers and diesel fuel injection shops.
They're often asked about Power Boxes for other engines, but VanSegbrook says the current model works only with these two engines. "We continue to work on other new applications, but we have none on the market yet." It should be pointed out that using a Power Box will void the warranty on engines still covered.
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