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Pickup Toolbox Doubles As ATV Hauler
This new toolbox for pickups doubles as an ATV platform, allowing you to haul your ATV in any full-sized pickup and still close the tailgate.
  The 6-ft. long toolbox is made from either chrome or diamond plate steel and has a gas shock assisted, easy-open lid. The back part of the toolbox slopes down to the pickup bed floor. To load the ATV into the pickup, you place a pair of ramps against the open tailgate and drive up on top of the toolbox. A pair of wheel stops are built into the toolbox in order to protect the pickup's rear window. Straps should be used to secure the ATV.
  "It solves a common problem for people who want to haul both a toolbox and an ATV in their shortbed pickup," says Scott Kennedy. "My son came up with the idea. He was hauling an ATV in his shortbed pickup and as well as another type of toolbox. There wasn't enough room to close the tailgate so he had the ATV sitting on the endgate and strapped down. It rained a lot one night which caused the straps to stretch. The next day he went to town and when he stopped at a light, the hooks came loose. When he went forward again the ATV flew off the back of the pickup. Fortunately no one got hurt.
  "It takes two people to lift the toolbox onto the pickup bed. You can supply your own ramps or buy an optional ramp from us that's designed to slide under the toolbox. The ramp isn't connected to the toolbox so it can be moved from pickup to pickup. We can also make the toolbox with a fuel tank built into the front half. Both the ramp and built-in fuel tank are $200 options.
  "The toolbox should be bolted at the back to the pickup floor in order to keep it from coming up in case of an accident. It's 47 in. wide so it'll just fit inside the wheel wells, which are 48 in. apart. The toolbox won't move side to side or front to back more than an inch or so.
  "We also offer a longer toolbox for longbed pickups."
  The chrome model sells for $920 (Canadian) and the diamond plate model for $620. Those prices are for 6-ft. models. Add $75 for longbed models.  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Scott Kennedy, Box 1551, Humboldt, Sask., Canada S0K 2A0 (ph and fax 306 682-3689).

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