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Lawn "Leveler" Fills Dips In Yards, Playing Fields
Anyone who has ever tried to bring a low spot up to level in a lawn or on a playing field knows it's not easy to do. A new "Lawn Leveler" from Gallaher & Co. is designed to change all that.
You just fill the hopper with sand and pull it across a hole or depression with a garden tractor. It drops sand into the area to be filled. A contact trigger senses depressions in the ground, automatically dropping sand as needed.
It can be adjusted so sand is dropped only into the deepest ruts. Or you can set it sensitive enough to drop a few grains of sand into a footprint, according to the company.
A 30-in. pull-type model sells for $890. Do-it-yourself plans are also available.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gallaher & Co., 7553 East Hwy 52, Ahartford, Ala. (ph. 334-588-6700; E-mail: gallaher@lycos.com).

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