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One Man Bale Wrapper
"It allows one man to wrap all the bales in a field without leaving the tractor seat," says John Wilder, English manufacturer of the new Balewrapper that rolls bales on the ground as it wraps and seals them in plastic.
Instead of having to manually cut and restart the plastic for each bale, the Balewrapper is available with an optional attachment that does it automatically. The tractor operator simply backs up to a bale and starts wrapping it as the bale is rolled along the ground. When the bale is wrapped (with 2 layers of plastic for hay and straw bales, and 4 layers for silage bales) the operator hits a hydraulic lever, then sits back and watches while the attachment automatically cuts off the plastic and tucks in the loose end.
Wilder Engineering has also introduced a new tractor loader Bale Grab for picking up, handling and stacking wrapped or bagged bales without puncturing or tearing the plastic. It grabs and holds bales from the sides, rather than the ends. This allows bales to be stacked closer together, the manufacturer points out.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Wilder Engineering Ltd., Hithercroft Works, Wallingford, Oxon, England (ph 049137700).

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