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Horse Fencing Uses Ordinary Wire Mesh
Oregon inventor and Andalusian horse breeder Joseph Berto combined his two loves when he designed a simple fence system that he says reduces horse injuries. The patent pending invention earned the "most innovative product for safety of the rider or horse," at a recent national horse show.
  Marketed as the "Equi-Tee Fence," the system centers around a PVC plastic "clip-top" adapter for steel T posts that holds a vinyl top rail, thus changing ordinary wire mesh fence into a horse fence with a visual barrier. You can also add a hot wire, if necessary.
  Berto says he got the idea after a Percheron draft horse kept smashing down a fence. However, it took him years of refinement before the product was ready for market. In fact, he made five or six versions of the adapter, changing the materials used until it was virtually indestructible, with UV inhibiters and cold temperature additives that make it tougher.
  Compared to vinyl fencing, which can cost as much as $10 per foot to install, "Equi-Tee" fencing sells for only around $2.50 U.S. per foot. That figure includes 2 by 4 wire mesh, the cost of plastic adapters, top rails, PVC studs, a hot wire, and plastic caps for the tops of the steel T posts.
  "The caps reduce another point of potential injury if a horse collides with the fencing, although from my experience, horses stop when they see the highly visible top rail," he says.
  Product prices (U.S.) are as follows: Complete Equi-Tee adapter assemblies (one per T-post) - $5.95 each. Bulk purchases for larger installations are as follows: Adapters - $4.25 each, Post Clips - $5.40 per 20, Securing Pins - $2.45 per 50, Hot Wire Mounts - $9.95 per 30, Post Caps - $4.95 per 5, Poly Rope - $49 per 650 ft. roll. Shipping and handling depends on order size.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joseph Berto, Equi-Tee Farm and Fence, 6539 Rogue River Drive, Shady Cove, Ore, 97539; (ph 541 878-4112, 888 253-6245, E-mail: information@fencingsolutions.com; Web site: www.fencingsolutions.com).

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