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Tractor-Mounted Tree Stump "Drill"
This speedy tree stump "drill" quickly reduces just about any tree stump to chips and sawdust.
The Italian-built tractor-mounted unit grinds through stumps up to 30-in. dia. It requires two hydraulic outlets and a power take off. It can be used just about anywhere you can go with a tractor. The unit is built around a heavy duty gearbox. Separate lift cylinders on the arms of the machine allow it to be pushed down slowly into the stump, independent of the 3-point hitch arms on the tractor.
The company says it's a low maintenance tool, requiring only occasional attention to parts that come in contact with soil.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eredi Ferri Romolo, S.N.C., Via del Lavoro, 3 - 46025 Poggio Rusco (MN), Italy (ph 39 386-734078; fax: 39 386-733794; Website: www.ferri-rotor.com)

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2001 - Volume #25, Issue #3