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Corn Cob "Perfume" Keeps Mice Out Of Stored Equipment
"It helps keep mice out of stored equipment and at the same time keeps cabs smelling fresh," says Kari Warberg, New Town, N. Dak., about her new mice deterrent that's made from ground-up corn cobs soaked in strong "perfume".
  "Fresh Cab" gets its smell from a blend of oils made from spices, herbs, and flowers. The product comes in 2 1/2-oz. cloth pouches. An average-size cab requires use of all four pouches. You simply place the pouches on the floor or tie them onto shift levers, door handles, etc.
  "It works like an air freshener that smells good to humans but is too strong for mice," says Warberg. "The pouches can also be placed under hoods and in hoppers or trunks. On average, the pouches will last for one season before the smell fades away. If you place them in the vehicle in early fall you'll need to replace them sometime during January. However, if the weather is unusually cold the smell may last for up to six months. It took a lot of testing to come up with the right mixture of oils.
  "The big advantage over poisons is that you don't have to worry about dead mice stinking up your vehicle.  The advantage over mothballs is that they won't give you a headache."
  A box of four pouches sells for $10 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kari Warberg, Crane Creek Gardens, 4551 78 Ave. NW, New Town, N. Dak. 58763 (ph 800 583-2921; Website: www.earth-kind.com).

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