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Rancher Shoots Wolves With "Bean Bags"
Wyoming rancher Jon Robinett recently received a federal permit to shoot wolves on his property - with "bean bags."
  The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service permit followed a wolf attack on his family dog. It's the first time the Fish and Wildlife Service has approved a non-lethal means of shooting wolves on private land in the Rocky Mountains, says Mike Jimenez, federal wolf recovery project leader in Wyoming.
  The 60-day permit, which can be extended, allows Robinett to use a 12-ga. shotgun to fire no. 9 shot wrapped inside cloth bags. The bags fit inside shotgun shells, which were originally designed for crowd control by law enforcement. The bags sting but don't penetrate the skin.
  The idea is to chase wolves out of the area. There have been numerous reports of attacks on dogs and cattle in Robinett's area. However, he says he doesn't expect the bean bag projectiles to solve the wolf problem. "But federal agents have said Šthat's all we can do,' so that's what we'll do."
  "The specially designed shells are issued only under permit to ranchers who have problems with wolves. They are not available to the general public," says Jimenez.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Jimenez, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 190 N. First, Lander, Wyo. 82520 (ph 307 332-7789; cell 330-5620; fax 307 332-8603).

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