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Slick Way To Boost Capacity Of Shop Vac
Connecting a 55-gal. drum to a shop vac is a great way to boost its capacity, says Glen Woodside, Thorndale, Ontario, who uses the idea to suck up large volumes of liquids.
  "The plastic barrel I use has two threaded holes in the top. I connect the shop vac hose to one opening, using pipe fittings. Then I run another hose out the other opening.
  "I can vacuum up nearly a barrel full of liquid without dumping and only about a cupful goes into the vacuum.
  "Even if you just have a small spill, this works better than just using the shop vac because usually when you vacuum up spills, the first thing that happens is that the filter gets wet and plugged.
  "This will also work for dry materials, depending on what it is, but you will have to have a barrel where the whole top comes off to dump."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen Woodside, RR3, Thorndale, Ontario N0M 2P0 Canada.

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