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Can You Use A Field Creaser?
It used to be called the "Mormon Creaser" but the Eversman Manufacturing Company of Denver, Colo., plans to introduce its latest new machine simply as a "Field Creaser".
The unique field tool was originally designed in crude form by early Mormon settlers in Utah to aid flood irrigation in flat, dry fields. They simply took a log and mounted sticks on it, dragging it through the field making a series of uniform shallow ditches which would evenly distribute water through the field. Several years ago, a small manufacturer began building them out of metal for local farmers. He met with such success that Eversman bought the design and is now in full production on the "Field Creaser".
J.W. Borden, Eversman representative, notes that while the Creaser has been thought of mainly as an irrigation tool in the past, the company has discovered that it works great for draining flat, tightly subsoiled fields that are difficult to drain during wet times.
"The Creaser digs 5-in. wide by 4-in. deep ditches which spread water out in wet fields to dry it up. We plan to introduce this idea extensively throughout the midwest next year," says Borden.
For irrigation, the Creaser can be used to pull ditches in alfalfa fields and hay meadows, and can be used immediately after planting small grains. It's also used just before planting row crops, and as a bedding tool. The unit's contoured plate breaks up clods and presses them into the seedbed.
Creasers range in size from the smallest 3-row unit with 30-in. centers to the 10-row with 22-in. centers. They require just 45 to 60 hp. to pull and the teeth in front are replaceable.
A 5-row Creaser sells for $1,170.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Eversman Mfg. Company, P.O. Box 4345, Denver, Colo. 80204 (ph 303 572-1140).

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