2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #40
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3-Wheeled TV Dolly Makes Handy Work Stand

Dave White, Farmersville, Ill.: "A 3-wheeled TV dolly that I bought at an auction makes a handy work stand. I bought it at an auction for $10. It's equipped with a telescoping yoke on top that was originally used to hold the camera. I use the yoke to hold one end of a 20-ft. length of angle iron or a long 2 by 4, and rest the other end on my work bench. It's easy to raise or lower the yoke to match the height of the bench. The yoke can be raised from 2 1/2 to 4 ft. high. The dolly is equipped with a steering wheel on front that guides the rig's three wheels in any direction. The unit spins around on a dime.
  "I used the axle housing from one side of a Deere tractor to make a handy and portable work bench. The axle housing serves as the base. I welded a round piece of 1-in. thick steel plate to the bearings on top of the axle. I bolted a vise onto one side of the table and use it to lock' an object in place, such as a length of angle iron, so that I can cut it. Works great when used together with my TV dolly. The round plate spins freely and will automatically line the vise up with the dolly.
  "I bought a used 4-wheeled utility cart at an auction and mounted my air compressor on it. Works great for sandblasting and painting and operating air tools such as big impact wrenches. The cart is high enough off the floor that I can use a forklift to pick it up and move it around."

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6