2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #39
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Ma & Pa Jean Makers Run Thriving Mail Order Business

If you're tired of wimpy blue jeans and overalls that wear out soon after they're broken in, you'll be interested in "Ma and Pa" jean makers Doug and Elaine Haga of Monmouth, Ore.
  The Hagas take orders from all over the world for their durable, handmade jeans that they call "the toughest work jeans in America." Customers must agree, because demand for their product has been growing since they first started the business, "Pedee Jeans," in 1983.
  Named for their small community, Pedee Jeans are designed to last twice as long as regular commercial jeans, thanks to their lock stitch construction and reinforced stress areas.
   "Many of our customers are in the logging industry, so they're made to stand up to the toughest working conditions in the world," says Doug.
  The Hagas say the tough jeans take longer to make, slowing down production. However, the couple long ago opted for quality instead of quantity, and that decision has kept their product in high demand.
  They produce only a couple thousand items of clothing per year in their home's converted garage. Doug cuts the 14 3/4-oz. American-made denim while Elaine does the majority of the sewing.
  "We have four main styles - a full cut, heavy duty work jean, a double-thick front jean, a street jean, and a safety jean with a Kelvar pad in the front panel. This is also known as a ballistic pad and is required by OSHA for commercial use of chainsaws," says Doug.
  The Hagas also recently started making black denim jeans. To compliment their jean business, the couple also makes "hickory shirts" (railroad stripes) and various jackets, coats and vests.
  The couple also does custom work. They recently filled an order for 30 pairs of jeans from a special pattern for a customer in Japan. They once made a pair of jeans with a 72-in. waist for someone in a women's prison in Idaho. Doug says the longest inseam length they have ever made was 48 inches, noting that the average is around 32 inches.
  Prices for the "toughest work jeans in America" are: 1) full cut, heavy-duty work jeans - $33.95 U.S., 2) double thick front - $38.95, 3) safety panel jeans - $38.95. Shipping is extra.
  A sales brochure is available upon request.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Doug and Elaine Haga, Pedee Jeans, 11155 Kings Valley Hwy., Monmouth, Oregon 97361 (ph 503 838-5955).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6