2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #38
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World's First Corn-Burning Barbecue Grill

If Carrol Buckner has his way about it, you won't be firing up the charcoal on summer evenings any more. You'll be firing up with corn.
  Buckner, president of SnowFlame, Inc., Arden, North Carolina, invented the popular Buck Stove wood burner.
  He recently launched what he says is the world's first corn-burning barbecue grille. He claims it's safer and healthier than charcoal or gas.
  Buckner's corn grille has a patented burner and automatic fueling system that makes it easy to see how much fuel remains. It's not as messy to handle as charcoal or wood. (And no harmful fumes or chemicals can get into your food.) What's more, corn is less expensive than either propane or charcoal, Buckner says.
  The SnowFlame Outdoor Grille burns about 1 lb. of corn per hour, so a bushel of corn will last roughly 56 hours.
  Buckner says his grilles are easy to light and heat up quickly. You just throw in a few woodchips or a firestarter block. Or you can use a squirt or two of fire starting fluid.
There are two cooking surfaces inside the grille and a fully functional oven on the side. Forced air is used to completely burn the corn so the grille cooks like a convection oven. Turkeys and chickens can be cooked without a rotisserie. And because of the moisture content in the corn, you also get the added benefit of steam so there's less shrinkage and more tender, moist food.
  Two models of the corn-burning grille are available. The Standard grille has a stainless steel interior. It's aluminum exterior is coated with a textured high temperature black powder. Price is close to $800, not including shipping from Arden, North Carolina. A higher priced grille is stainless steel inside and out. It starts at just under $1,600.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, SnowFlame, Inc., P.O. Box 745, Arden, North Carolina, 28704 (ph 828 684-4444; fax 828 684-5429; e-mail: inffo@snowflame.com. Or check out the Internet page at www.snowflame.com).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6