2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #37
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Grain Cart Has Front-Folding Auger

J & M Manufacturing says the new front-folding auger on its latest line of grain carts provides the operator with a better view from the tractor cab during unloading. It also virtually eliminates the possibility of damaging the auger as it's put away for transport.
  Introduced at the recent Farm Progress Show near Cantrall, Ill., the patented auger stores in front of the cart, not along the side.
  "The biggest complaint about grain carts equipped with side-unloading augers is that the operator can't see the auger as it's folded back," says Chuck Wolf. "As a result, the auger can catch against the back corner of a semi trailer or wagon and get damaged. Another problem is that the auger doesn't always get lowered all the way down into the saddle and later gets damaged by all the bouncing up and down during transport. With our design, the operator has full visibility of the auger both during unloading and fold-up and doesn't have to turn his head back all the time. Another advantage is that the auger doesn't use up tank space like a side-unloading auger does."
  The auger is equipped with the company's hydraulic-driven flow control spout, which swings forward or backward hydraulically to compensate for a trailer that's too close or too far away. It's available on all the company's grain carts which range from 435 to 1,075 bu. capacity. Auger diameter ranges from 14 to 22 in. "The 22-in. dia. auger is the biggest on the market and can unload 650 bu. per minute," notes Wolf.
  The cart is available with a red or green finish, graphite interior, light kit, weigh scale, and roll tarp and can also be equipped with tracks.
  Wolf says the cart is priced competitively with side-unloading auger carts offered by other companies.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J & M Manufacturing Co., Inc., 284 Railroad St., Box 547, Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846 (ph 419 375-2376; Website: www.jm-inc.com).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6