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High-Lift Platform Mounts On ATV's
You've never seen anything like this new ATV cab fitted with a high-lift platform that lifts up to 16 ft. tall for work around the farm or as an easy-to-use deer stand for hunting.
  The Sport Lift platform comes with a swivel seat and safety railing. A telescoping aluminum ladder on back provides access to the platform. The platform is raised or lowered by either a manual or electric-hydraulic jack. When extended, total height from ground level to platform is 15 ft. 9 in. Four stabilizer legs hold the unit securely in place.
  The entire rig is made from aluminum and weighs only about 250 lbs. The frame bolts onto the ATV's front and rear racks using two bolts on front and four on back.
  Sport Lift models are available to fit virtually any brand of 4-wheeler as well as larger ATV's including the Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule, Polaris, and Argo. It can also be mounted inside a standard pickup bed or on a trailer.  
  "It goes up and comes down fast and you can take it with you wherever you go," says inventor Troy Harbison, Harbisonbilt Corp., Anthony, Fla. "We've spent four years field testing it and are satisfied that it's safe to use. We originally designed it for hunters and for the construction industry. It works great for hunting or just for observing wildlife. You can enter the hunting area without leaving any human scent on the ground. A camouflaged enclosure can be snapped onto the railing to keep hunters out of view.
  "Farmers can use it for a variety of jobs such as doing maintenance work on center pivot irrigation units, building pole barns, doing roof work, painting buildings, trimming trees, etc. It takes only about five minutes to attach. We also plan to soon offer units designed to fit onto small tractors.
  Harbison says the frame that supports the scissors lift should be stabilized on a level, hard surface. "We don't recommend raising the platform with anyone on it. Even with the platform all the way up the ATV isn't top heavy. I haven't flipped it yet. Even if the ATV ever did flip, at least it couldn't roll on top of you."
  The company also offers a stationary "Sport Platform" that comes without a scissors lift but still has the platform, swivel seat, and railing, as well as built-in steps. "It's designed for people who don't need or want the extra height of the scissor lift," says Harbison. "It works great for hunting quail, etc. Up to three scissors units can be added later, if desired, in order to raise the platform."
  The company also offers an ATV enclosure made from waterproof canvas.
  The Sport Lift sells for $3,800 plus S&H with a manual jack and $4,300 plus S&H with an electric-hydraulic jack. The Sport Platform without scissor lift sells for $1,831.30 plus S&H. The enclosure sells for $500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harbisonbilt Corp., 4696 East Hwy. 329, Anthony, Fla. 32617 (ph 352 369-4573; fax 352 351-1131; E-mail: harbisonbilt@ mfi.net).

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