2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #26
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Company Unveils Front-Mount 3-Pt. Hitch

Visitors to the recent Outdoor Farm Show in Canada got to see a slick-looking add-on front 3-pt. hitch and pto that's made in Holland and is just being introduced to North America.
  Zuidberg is the number one supplier of front 3-pt. hitches in Europe. Their front hitches have been on the market for the past 18 years. Frontlink, Inc., of Courtland, Ontario, is the North American importer.
  "It has a more streamlined design than anything on the market and costs about 30 percent less than other commercial front 3-pt. hitches," says Marty Dendekker. "Models are available to fit most tractor brands. Each hitch is specifically designed for a specific tractor model."
  The hitches bolt to tractor frames using side plates that, on some tractor models, go all the way back to the rear axle for support. The company offers a wide range of lift capacities up to 11,000 lbs.  Zuidberg equips its hitches with Walterscheid automatic couplers and balls; an optional gas accumulator; fold up, removable and articulating lower arms; and twin hydraulic lift cylinders. The pto is direct-driven off the crankshaft pulley and has its own clutch. It can transmit up to 200 hp via a dry cone clutch system. The pto is engaged by a switch on the control panel with a digital pto speed indicator. The cab-mounted electronic clutch control is provided with a "power off" safety switch, so when the tractor is switched off and restarted the pto has to be reset.
  "Installation time for the hitch alone is about 2 hours and for the hitch and pto about 8 hours," says Dendekker.
  A hitch for a Deere tractor sells for about $2,900 and the pto for about $3,100 (U.S.).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Frontlink, Inc., Box 394, Courtland, Ontario, Canada (ph 877 553-2524 or 519 757-3160; fax 519 468-3520; Website: www.frontlinkinc.com; E-mail: frlink@execulink.com).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6