2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #13
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Simple"Row-Till" Rig Plows, Disks, And Plants In One Pass

Roger Souslin, Johnstown, Ohio, wanted the benefits of no-till without having to spend the money for a no-till planter. He solved the problem by building his own 3-pt. mounted "row tiller" that chisel plows and disks just ahead of his Deere 7000 4-row, 30-in. planter.
  The unit consists of a 4-in. sq. toolbar equipped with chisel shanks and discs that till a strip about 12 in. wide ahead of each planter row unit. The tillage components include a 17-in. dia. wavy coulter followed by a 12-in. wide sweep mounted on a chisel tooth shank. That's followed by a pair of 14-in. dia. angled discs that throw dirt into the middle of the row. The seed is placed in the 2-in. high mound of fluffed up soil.
  The planter is pulled by a drawbar that attaches to the 3-pt. mounted toolbar.
  "It lets me plant in about one fourth the time, saving on fuel and labor," says Souslin. "I use it mainly to plant corn but I think the idea could be used to plant any row crop. I haven't tried it on soybeans because I already had a no-till drill.
  "It leaves residue between the rows like a no-till planter, but it makes a nicer seedbed. The planter row units follow in the tilled zone as long as the rows don't curve more than 35 degrees."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Souslin
, 5300 Bennington Chapel Rd. N.W., Johnstown, Ohio 43031 (ph 740 892-3197; E-mail: rowtiller@hotmail.com).

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6