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New Grain Bin Scoop Cleans Up Fast Easy
You'll never have to shovel grain out of bins again with this new in-bin scoop that automatically cleans up and unloads loose grain with a permanently mounted impeller that dumps grain into a below-floor auger.
Invented by two Western Canadian farmers, John Shokoples and Joe Galichowski, the new invention is designed to do away with the back breaking and time consuming task of cleaning out bins by hand, at the same time avoiding many of the problems that the duo says they had been having with sweep augers.
The system consists of a permanently-mounted impeller arm with special fins that rake grain into the center of the bin and drop it to an auger that's mounted below the main floor. There's also a gear box, a hydraulic motor, and the necessary hoses.
When a bin equipped with the system is filled, the impeller arm is raised hydraulically and left at an angle that will not interfere with grain filling. When unloading, the arm is triggered automatically once enough grain is out of the bin so that it no longer flows into the under floor auger.
When the system is through, there's only enough grain left in the bin to keep a broom busy for a minute or so, say the inventors.
The most expensive parts of the system, the hydraulic motor, hoses and gear drive, can be moved from bin to bin by removing 2 bolts and a pin. The system is being used on new construction or on existing bins by digging out beneath the bin to install the below-floor auger.
The inventors wanted an alternative to sweep augers, which they say are "dirty and get jammed up. They wear out the floor and they're very dangerous. They're also considerably slower than this automatic unit."
The company has come out with small-sized units for smaller bins which are more common on Canadian farms and is working on a unit for larger U.S. bins.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Shokoples, Shock & Gali, Box 659, Two Hills, Alta. Canada T0B 4K0 (ph 403 657-2492).

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