2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6, Page #07
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PVC Traps Allow Live Trappings, Relocating Of Pest Animals

You can catch skunks alive without getting sprayed with new lightweight Tuff Traps from The Snare Shop, Carroll, Iowa. Owners Neil and Rhonda Bock developed and sell two sizes of PVC traps, both of which allow live trapping or relocation of pest animals.
  The patented traps are made of 4 or 6 in. PVC pipe. The 6-in. trap is 24 in. long, and the 4-in. trap is 20 in. long. Both have a bait area and pan in the back of the pipe that, when disturbed, triggers a steel door that snaps straight down behind the animal and locks firmly shut. "All parts, except the PVC pipe - are steel, so there's no way the animal is going to chew its way out of the trap," he adds.
  "When people have a problem with skunks around the farm or home, it's almost impossible to remove them without them spraying," Neil says. "Our larger trap is just the right size for a skunk to get into. Once the skunk is inside, it's trapped in the dark, so it doesn't get upset as easily. But more importantly, it can't get its tail up to spray," Neil points out.
  While the trap is weatherproof, "so rain or snow won't ruin the bait," Bock says, there are air holes that allow the trapped animal to breathe - in case what you've trapped is not a skunk or squirrel but the neighbor's cat.
Even though the traps are made of pipe, they're designed to sit square. The smaller trap, Bock says, will "fit right into an eave trough."
  The 6-in. trap has a handy handle on top, so you can just pick the trap up and transport it.
"The doors on both traps are removable. To release the trapped animal, you just open the door. They eventually will back out. Even if you're still in the area when a skunk is released, they're not likely to spray unless they're feeling threatened."
  Bock says he makes the traps on his farm as he has time. "We've sold a lot to people who do animal rescue or animal control work," he says.
  The 6-in. trap sells for $19.95, while the 4-in. size is $16.95. Shipping runs $4.90 for either.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Snare Shop, Neil or Rhonda Bock, 13191 Phoenix Avenue, Carroll, Iowa 51401 E-mail: sshop@netins.net; Website: www.snareshop.com (ph 712 822-5318; fax: 712-822-5319.)

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2000 - Volume #24, Issue #6