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Deep Plow For Problem Soils
Latest new way to break up "hard pan" and problem soils is with a Kello-Bilt Deep-Plow, This rugged plow is specifically designed to turn and mix solonetzic soil with top soil for improved crop growing conditions. It has a 21 in. share and, depending on soil conditions and power available, can cut a furrow. from 21 to 30 in. wide and 20 to 30 in. deep.
A 4 x 24 in. hydraulic cylinder controls plowing depth. Plowing width is varied by adjusting the hitch, which is spring loaded to absorb shocks from stones or other obstructions. All tractor wheels (or tracks) remain "on-land" for comfortable, level operation.
Strength is provided by a reinforced main frame made of 3.8 in. thick 6 x 8 in. rectangular steel tubing, and a secondary frame of 4 x 8 x 1/4 in. rectangular tubing. The triangular box-type standard is made of high tensile steel and low hydrogen
-welds are used throughout. A welded box-steel undercarriage with heavy duty hubs and wheels supports the plow on 11-L-15. 8 ply tires.
The plow moldboard has a long parabolic curve for easier draft. The replaceable share, point, landside and moldboard wear strips are made of abrasion resistant steel for longer wear.
Total plow weight is approximately 4,200 lbs. and draft in solonet~ic soil, at 24 in. depth and 30 in. width, is estimated to be about 11,000 lbs. It is recommended for use with tractors having 140 to 175 drawbar hp at.speeds of 3 to 51/2 mph.
The Kello-Bilt Deep Plow is designed for use in summer followed or stubble fields but is not recommended for use in brush or scrub trees. A coulter is not provided. Retail price is about $7,500 (Canadian dollars).
For more information, contact: FARM SHON Followup. Kellough Bros. Ltd., Box 119, Hwy 12 East, Stettler. Alberta, Canada TOG 2h0 (ph 403 742-3101, or 742-3664).

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