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Paddle Drill Fill Mounts On Front Of Tractor
The search for a way to handle soybeans more gently led farmer and seed grower Harold Ponder, Hammond, Ill., to come up with this tractor-mounted paddle conveyor for loading beans into his planter.
The 16-ft. conveyor he used was originally designed to mount on back of truck boxes. Ponder mounted it on front of the tractor using an adjustable weed wiper frame mounted on his Farmall "M". The frame adjusts up and down hydraulically. The conveyor and a hopper attach to the front of the frame. An upright support post, made out of a couple pieces of channel iron, supports the conveyor via steel cable that runs to a hand-cranked winch mounted on the side of the conveyor. The cable and winch are used to adjust the angle of the conveyor.
The conveyor moves up to 8 bu. of seed a minute. Ponder loads beans into it from 2,000-lb. capacity bulk bags.
The conveyor consists of a rubber belt with 6 by 2-in. PVC paddles spaced 9 in. apart on the belt, which is powered by variable speed hydraulic motor.
Once mounted, the conveyor is raised and lowered by the same hydraulic cylinder that was originally used to raise and lower the weed wiper.
Ponder says putting the conveyor on the tractor gives him great maneuverability for handling seed when filling planters and it also provided the power needed to run the conveyor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Ponder, Hammond, Ill. 61929 (ph 217 262-3011).

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