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Custom Fit Hopper Covers For Combines
"Our combine hopper covers fit rain-tight. They're custom-made for each model," says manufacturer Joe Looney,, West Memphis, Ark., about his quick-tach hopper covers.
Made from heavy 18 oz. coated vinyl, the covers attach to the combine with bolts that stick through grommet holes along the edges. Wing nuts tighten down over the grommets. A fiberglass "bow" attaches to the front and rear of the hopper forming a curved rain-shedding "roof'. During harvest the cover can be rolled back out of the way or left on to completely cover the hopper.
"As far as I know, these are the first custom-fit flexible covers ever made for combines," says Looney, who formed a business with his father Joe. "Farmers are amazed at how well they work. When rain threatens, you can keep on combining with-out worrying whether you'll finish another round. It works much better than using plastic tarps, which can easily get blown off or torn because they don't fit tight. We have the hopper specifications for every combine model dating back to the mid 1970's. We can make covers for older models if you give us the dimensions."
Covers for most combine models sell for $189. Covers for Deere 9400, 9500, and 9600 series combines require less material and sell for $175. Prices include fiberglass bow and all hardware.
Looney also offers covers to protect the entire combine and header for storage, as well as to protect auger wagons.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Looney Combine Covers, 110 West Polk, Suite 175, West Memphis, Ark. 72301 (ph toll free 1 800 762-0959 or 501 735-5545).

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