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Solution To Stator Ring Burn Out On Skid Steer Loader
Jim D. Hansen, 11386 147th Ave., Bloomer, Wis. 54724 (ph 715 568-1175): "I was using a skid steer loader to haul haylage from a bag silo about 200 ft. to my stanchion barn, where I shoveled the feed into a cart and fed it to my cows. To make the job easier I mounted a 5 hp electric motor on an old 250-bu. manure spreader. I also cut a hole in the barn floor. I dump feed into the spreader at the bag silo and then pull it up into the barn and start the motor. The spreader drops the silage through the hole and directly into the feed cart. I don't have to run my tractor back and forth to the barn all the time just to fill the feed cart.
  "I've been using this idea for five years. It works so good that several implement dealers in my area have copied the idea. One dealer mounted an electric motor on a self-unloading feed wagon. The motor is geared down to run the spreader at 350 rpm's instead of the standard 540 rpm's.
  "Here's another idea. When the stator ring burned out on the Onan engine in my Hydro Matic skid steer loader, I found out that in order to replace the ring I would've had to remove the entire engine from the loader. The stator ring is used to charge the battery and all electrical components on the skid steer loader. It consists of coils that wrap around the flywheel and there's a voltage regulator attached to it.
  "Instead of replacing the stator ring, I disconnected it from the engine and bought a new alternator. Then I mounted a pulley on the engine's crankshaft so that the engine belt-drives the alternator. I paid $67 for the alternator and about $4 for the pulley. I saved a lot of money because the stator ring alone would've cost $200 and the voltage regulator about $85. What's more, it took only about a half hour to install the alternator. It would've taken at least six hours to replace the stator ring."

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