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Syringe Injects From 3 Ft Away
With the new Safety Syringe you don't need to crawl in and out of pens to give animals shots. Plus, you can treat sows in farrowing crates without the risk of smashing your hands between the bars, reports Ed Dillon, Centerview, Mo., distributor.
Key to the Safety Syringe is that the syringe's plunger has a 41 1/2 in. long stainless steel handle. By reaching over a gate, or through a crate, you can give hogs, cattle and other animals shots without standing right next to the animal. Dillon notes that the new syringe also works great for giving shots to cattle while riding on horseback.
To inject an animal, simply pick the spot to give the shot, insert the needle and push the handle/plunger in. Dillon says you can vaccinate 40 sows in 15 minutes when they're confined in a large pen. You refill the syringe the same as any conventional syringe. The only difference is that there's a longer handle.
The 10 cc syringe has a universal luerloc fitting for needles. Sells for $24.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Safety Syringe Industries, Ed Dillon, Rt. 1, Box 62, Centerview, Mo. 64019 (ph 816 633-7362).

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