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Loader bucket equipped with Jaws
A new two-part loader bucket that opens like a jaw to pick up objects or to load loose material while dozing, backdragging or standing still is available from W.R. Long, Inc., Tarboro, N.C.
The "Hydrojaw" is available in two models to fit front-end loaders on compact tractors with lift capacity up to 3,600 lbsä as well as skid steer loaders. You can use it as a conventional bucket, a box blade going backwards, or a jaw that opens 28 in. wide to pick objects up off the ground. The jaw is opened and closed by two hydraulic cylinders that operate off tractor's hydraulics. The cylinders retract to open the front part of the bucket. The back plate of the bucket remains stationary.
'1'o use the "Hydrojaw" as a box blade while driving backwards, open the jaw and tilt the bucket so that the inside jaw blade cuts off high areas and the excess dirt fills in the low areas. To use the "Hydrojaw" as a bulldozer, open the jaw and drive forward.
"Bucket jaws are widely used on industrial loaders. However, as far as we know, no one else offers one for farm loaders," says Vance Long, vice president. "You can use the jaw to pick up rocks, tile, brush, trash, fence posts, stumps, and tree trunks.You can even use it to prune tree limbs and to pull up shrubs."
Two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders de-liver a 5,0001b. bite to the jaw. The open jaw dumps out the bottom, increasing dumping height by 18 inches. All of the bucket's cutting edges are equipped with high carbon steel blades. Four pins secure the bucket to the front-end loader.
The "Hydrojaw" is available in 60 to 80-in. widths. Models for small compact tractors sell for $1,165; for mid-size tractors, $1,370.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, W.R. Long, Inc., 1607 Cedar St., P.O. Box 460, Tarboro, N.C. 27886 (ph 919 823-4570).

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