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Auger-Equipped Drainage Plow Lays Both Big And Small Tile
"Our new trencher plow is designed to do the work of both a trencher machine and a tile plow. As far as we know it's the only machine on the market that can put in big outlet tile as well as smaller lateral tile," says Junior Liebrecht, Continental, Ohio.
  The first-of-its-kind, pull-type rig is equipped with a conventional boot as well as a 25-in. dia., 10-ft. long auger. The pto-operated auger is raised or lowered by operating a lever in the tractor cab and can dig a trench up to 6 ft. deep in which the tile is laid.
  When the auger is raised up out of the ground, the machine is used as a conventional tile plow to install 4, 6 or 8-in. lateral tile up to 3 1/2 ft. deep. The auger is used to lay in 10 or 12-in. outlet tile at a depth of up to 6 ft.
  "It works great for anyone who has to put in both outlet and lateral tile and doesn't want to pay for two machines," says Liebrecht. "Conventional tile plows can't lay in tile that's more than 8 in. in diameter. To lay in bigger outlet tile, most farmers hire a local contractor who uses a wheeled trencher machine.
  "The auger can also be used to help lay in 4, 6, or 8-in. tile whenever you're going through a high spot and have to dig extra deep in order to keep on grade. The auger's digging action eliminates the need to use a second tractor for extra pulling power. The auger is connected by chain to the boot so it can be lowered as deep as you need.
  "The auger leaves a windrow of soil alongside the trench. You can come back later and use a tractor-mounted blade to push the windrowed soil back over the tile.
  "When the auger is in operation the tractor has to go forward very slowly, so we recommend using a big tractor equipped with a creeper gear transmission, such as a Caterpillar 55 or Agco Allis or New Holland front wheel assist tractor, or the new Fendt Vario tractor. The tractor also needs a 1,000 rpm pto.
  "Our trencher plow sells for about $35,000 which is about twice as expensive as a conventional tile plow. However, a good used trencher machine alone sells for about $20,000 and requires much more maintenance than our machine, which has fewer moving parts."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Liebrecht Mfg., 17771 Rd. H-13, Continental, Ohio 45831 (ph 419 596-3501; E-mail: liebrech@bright.net; Website: www.farmdrainage.com)

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