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"Feet" Keep Fence Posts In Ground
Here's an idea we spotted in the New Zealand magazine Farm Equipment News that might work well for any farmer who has trouble keeping fence posts in the ground.

    John LeGarth says he's lost count of the number of fences he's put up on his rolling farmland. Repairing fence lines when posts pull out is almost a part time job. Posts in low lying areas always seem to work loose and start to rise over time.

    One day, while brainstorming with a friend, Marc Pawley, the two started sketching on a piece of wood. The result is a new product û the LeGarth Post Foot û that they say solves the problem of rising posts.

    It consists of wedge-shaped pieces of super-tough plastic that nail to the base of the post.

    LeGarth points out that there are many methods of "footing" posts that farmers have tried over the years. "But most methods just won't last," he says. "They're also more complicated and expensive û like setting the posts in concrete or setting another post in the ground crossways."

    Their idea is to attach the wedges to the post so it sets itself in the ground like the barb on a fish hook. After a bit of trial and error, the men decided wood would not be strong enough to hold a post under stress, so they started making them out of plastic.

    You simply nail one or two feet to the base of the post - with two nails per wedge û and then drive or insert the post conventionally.

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