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Loader-Mounted Cutterbar Great For Mowing
When you're 60 miles from anywhere, like Myron Stadnick, you get used to making do with what you've got. That's why, when he wanted a cutting bar to clean up steep road edges and trim hedges, he rigged up a cutterbar on his loader bucket.
  "Most Canola growers have a vertical cutterbar on their swather," says Stadnick, who mounted that cutterbar on his loader.The double bladed vertical cutter bar, made by Global Industries, Winnipeg, Manitoba, normally mounts on the edge of Stadnick's swather to slice off each pass of the heavy canola crop. A hydraulic powered orbit motor allows the unit to operate at any angle.
  Stadnick simply removed the cutter bar with motor from the swather and bolted it to 2-in. steel tubing which was in turn bolted to the loader bucket. Varying cutting height is as simple as raising or lowering the loader. Changing the angle of the cut requires repositioning the unit on the tubing.
  Since he didn't have flow control on his loader tractor, Stadnick borrowed a flow control unit off a bin sweep and connected it to the orbit motor. With sickle bar speed controlled, the unit is working out well for Stadnick.
  "It works super on the road ditches," he says. "It cuts even the big weeds, and mounted on the loader, it's easy to adjust cutting angle and height."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Folloup: Myron Stadnick, Box 37, Beaubier, Sask., Canada S0C 0H0 (ph 306 447-4516).

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