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Wheelchair Cart Pushes Ahead Of Any ATV
Disabled hunters can easily get out into the woods to hunt with this new 2-wheeled wheelchair cart that's designed to be pushed by any 4 or 6-wheel ATV.
  The cart is being promoted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at Bourbonnis, Ill. Charlie Pangle, who heads a program for physically challenged hunters for the DNR, demonstrated the cart for the first time last fall at a public hunting site. "It allows hunters who use wheelchairs to be transported to hunting areas," says Pangle. "Reaction to it has been so positive that 15 carts have been ordered by a state veterans group for use at various state public hunting sites."
  The cart is made entirely of lightweight aluminum which makes it easy to transfer from one location to another. The front part has two caster wheels while the back part bolts onto the front of the ATV. There's a flexing action between the cart and vehicle. "The hunter's ride is actually a bit smoother than that of the ATV," notes Pangle.
  An assistant is required to drive the ATV. Another assistant walks next to the cart/ATV and carries the hunter's gun. (Illinois state law says that a loaded gun can't be carried in a moving vehicle.)
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Charlie Pangle, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Box 992, Bourbonnis, Ill. 60914 (ph 815 929-1223).

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