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Fence Anchor Strengthens Corner Posts
Any good fence builder knows that constructing a corner post that will look good for years is not easy. In some soils it's almost impossible using conventional methods.
  That's what prompted Nebraskan Myron Hebbert to come up with a simple post anchoring system that he says is all that's needed to make a corner that will last.
  "I frequently see H' and double H' corners that go bad after a couple years. The main problem is that the posts lift out of the ground. By installing an anchor that ties to the corner brace, you can eliminate the problem for a long time," says Hebbert.
  He installs a single corner post with a brace leaning against one side. To secure the base of the brace, he sets it into a broken "L-shaped" piece of a concrete block. The anchor consists of a steel rod that goes down through a steel plate with a hole at the center. The plate is loose so it can be turned sideways to get it down to the bottom of the hole. Then it's laid flat and covered over. Heavy wire runs from the top of the anchor up to the brace and is tied tightly. The anchor is set 12 to 14 in. from the post.
  "This design is simple and strong. I've put up corners in places where water fills the hole as you dig and they still keep everything tight," notes Hebbert.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Myron Hebbert, 6061 Hwy 20, Chadron, Neb. 69337 (ph 308 432-5000).

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