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Working Model Of Non-Stop Baler
That non-stop baler design we first told you about nearly two years ago is now in the field (Vol. 22, No. 5). Inventor Geoff Eyre of Derby, England, told the British farm paper Farmer's Guardian that his prototype works better than even he had expected.
  The baler mounts sideways behind the tractor. A side-mounted pickup feeds hay to a conveyor that leads into the baler. After it's formed, the bale is dropped out the other side. While the bale is tied and dumped, hay accumulates on the feed conveyor behind the pickup.
  The setup eliminates the need for the driver to weave since sensors keep crop material flowing evenly into the baler.
  Eyre says he can make up to 80 round bales per hour. The Claas 44 baler he's using is equipped with a chopper to make dense silage bales.
  Besides speed, other advantages include less wear and tear to the tractor clutch and the hay pickup is much more visible when it's positioned out to the side of the tractor.
  Now that he has proved the concept in the field, Eyre hopes to finalize a deal with a manufacturer to produce machines.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Geoff Eyre, Traileyre, Bradwell Derby, United Kingdom (ph 011 44 1433 620353).

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