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Straight Up & Down Post Hole Digger
We've seen a lot of post hole diggers over the years but none of them have ever managed to knock off the old standard spreader-type digger. But we recently came across a promising new design at the Inventor's Congress in Redwood Falls, Minn. The inventor says he hopes it will become the new standard.
  Jeff Vaughter, Stevens Point, Wis., says he got the idea when digging a 4 ft. hole for a post."I found that as I got deeper I kept having to widen out the top of the hole to spread the handles out far enough to close the jaws on the digger. By the time I was done, I had removed a lot more dirt than necessary. To make matters worse, I realized the post was loose in the hole even after packing soil around it. I figured there had to be a better way."
  After building several prototypes, Vaughter came up with a digger that doesn't look that different at first glance. It uses conventional digging jaws, but what makes it different is that it has an adjustable pivot point a couple feet up from the jaws. Size and weight are similar to a conventional digger but it's easier to handle and easier to store because the handles don't spread out.
  "The entire width of the tool never exceeds the diameter of the hole being dug. And with handle extensions, you could easily dig a hole as deep as 6 to 8 ft. and the hole will have the same diameter from top to bottom. The amount of soil is minimal, saving time and effort," says Vaughter.
  "Because the tool is never wider than the hole, you can stand with your legs right on either side of the hole so lifting is easier. And it's easier to lift the dirt with arms close together."
  Vaughter is negotiating with manufacturers to bring the new digger to market. He expects it to cost little more than current diggers.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jeff Vaughter, 418 W. Cedar St., Stevens Point, Wis. 54481 (ph 715 341-4315).

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