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Square-Bladed Shovels Sweeping Northland
A new square-bladed cultivator shovel that "outlasts conventional pointed sweeps two to one" is sweeping through farms in Western Canada.
Richard Kramer, of Kelly Industries, Cuper, Sask., inventor-manufacturer, says he grew disatisfied with conventional pointed sweeps. "Weed kill and durability were not as good as we felt they should be," he recalls.
Convinced there was a better way, Kramer designer and manufacturer of the popular Kelivator field cultivator came up with his square-bladed cultivator shovel. His biggest problem since introducing it has been trying to keep up with booming demand.
Here, according to Kramer, are key advantages of his square-bladed shovel:
•The straight front hits weeds "dead on" rather than from the side as with slanted sweeps. Large, thick stemmed weeds can't glance off sideways.
•The shovel never gets any narrower as it wears because the edges of the blade are parallel to the direction of the cut.
•The straight front blade also eliminates the ditching (when the nose of a sweep cuts deeper than the wings) that occurs when cultivator sweeps are mounted on slightly bent shanks.
•The level cut makes the Kelly shovel ideal for seedbed preparation and summer fallow work," says Kramer. "It can be used to replace rod weeders under many conditions."
•Improves weed kill by eliminating missed rows of weeds between conventional pointed shovels.
The Kelly shovels sharpen with use and stay sharp for their working life, according to Kramer. He notes that farmers who bought shovels from the first production run a year ago have found that the 16-in. square bladed shovel killed more weeds than an 18-in. pointed shovel. The only soils where they don't recommend the shovels are those with heavy trash, or "gumbo" soils. In more minimum trash situations, however, Kramer feels the square shovel leaves more trash on the surface than pointed shovels.
Kelly shovels fit any cultivator shank. The 16-in. shovels sell for $8.95 each. "Extreme abrasion" shovels sell for a dollar more (Canadian funds.).
For more information, contact: Kelly Industries, P.O. Box 144, Cupar, Sask. SOG OYO (ph 306 723 4444 or 723-4669).

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